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The Particles of symmetry Readers' Imaginations
People Today: Alan Kong Joins Purchasing Department
WIS Seminar: Wealth Enhancement Secrets
Conservation Tip of the Week

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Wednesday - November 28, 2007

The Particles of symmetry Readers' Imaginations

Chuck Yoneda's The Lost File of Elementary Particles.
(Click on image for larger version.)

The results are in! Two months ago, symmetry asked readers to go beyond the elementary particles already discovered or theorized and envision the particles of their dreams. SLAC's Chuck Yoneda bounded ahead of competitors to take first place with the The Lost File of Elementary Particles, pictured at right.

"The dozens of responses were clever, funny, and insightful," the symmetry editors wrote in an article announcing Yoneda's win. "It was difficult to choose a few entries to highlight. Those that stood out most made us laugh or think, and sometimes both."

The current issue of symmetry includes Yoneda's creation in addition to six runners up: the Leapton, Blogino, Rockon, Oreo, Velcron and Postiton (which was submitted by SLAC's Lance Dixon).

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Alan Kong Joins Purchasing Department

(Photo - Alan Kong)This week, the SLAC Purchasing Department welcomes Alan Kong, who joins the team as Deputy Purchasing Officer. Alan will be providing support to Purchasing Head Bob Todaro and assisting in the day to day operations of the Department.

Kong comes to SLAC from the purchasing department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His position had been vacant since July, giving Todaro a lot to handle in the past months.

"I'm looking forward to giving Bob a little relief," Kong says of his new boss. In the months ahead Kong will be involved in becoming familiar with the Purchasing Department's operations and making improvements and recommendations on policy and processes.

One of the first items on Kong's agenda is to assist in the implementation of SLAC’s "Direct Connect" online purchasing system, which will allow employees to purchase office and lab supplies directly from designated vendors over the web. This is a purchasing tool that will save project money, save users time and make ordering supplies more efficient. The department plans to have the first vendor operational by the first quarter of 2008 and Kong, who worked with similar systems at Berkeley, feels confident he can meet the deadline.

A warm welcome to Alan!

WIS Seminar: Wealth Enhancement Secrets

Today at 12:00 p.m., David Weiner, co-author of Stop Sitting on Your Assets, will present the seminar Wealth Enhancement Secrets. Please join the Women's Interchange at SLAC (WIS) for its last seminar of 2007.

Weiner will educate the audience about wealth enhancement and let them in on a secret on how to pay off mortgages in half the time, without refinancing or creating more debt. Weiner has been in the financial services industry for over 25 years.

The seminar takes place today at 12:00 p.m. in Panofsky Auditorium. All are invited to attend.

Conservation Tip
of the Week

(Photo - computer)Many people have gotten into the habit of leaving their computer and other home office equipment on all the time. This wastes energy and money. Contrary to popular belief, turning your computer on and off does not shorten its life. Shutting down computers at night and on weekends can save a significant amount of energy without affecting performance. You may need to leave your SLAC computer on at the end of the day for software patches and updates, but there's no reason not to turn off your monitor.

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