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Sarah Church Becomes Deputy Director of KIPAC
Safety Today: Holiday Safety
SCCS to Discontinue TeraTerm Pro Emulator

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Tuesday - November 20, 2007

Sarah Church Becomes Deputy Director of KIPAC

(Photo - Sarah Church)
Sarah Church

Stanford astrophysicist Sarah Church is the new deputy director of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC), a joint institute based at Stanford University and SLAC.

"Astrophysics is at an extremely exciting stage, and KIPAC is at the leading edge of the field," said Church. "The projects we are involved in hold real prospects for understanding how the universe began, including the nature of dark energy and dark matter—which together make up 96 percent of the universe—and for understanding the environments of exotic objects such as black holes and neutron stars."

The theoretical and experimental scientists at the four-year-old institute collaborate on research that includes black hole physics, galaxy clusters, the radiation left over from the birth of the universe, galaxy formation and the way ancient light is focused by the gravity of invisible objects. KIPAC is an important contributor to both existing and proposed telescopes in space and on the ground.  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Holiday Safety

This special time of year carries with it some special hazards. As you plan your holiday activities, keep a few precautions in mind so your memories can be good ones.

Vehicles - Avoid impairment and distractions. If you consume alcohol, wait an hour for each drink you've had before you drive. Better yet, designate a non-drinking driver. If you are driving somewhere new, make sure you've got a good idea of where you're going to minimize fumbling with directions. Also, remember to watch out for other drivers.

Food - Special care is needed with a house full of people cooking unfamiliar dishes. Make sure to keep an eye on the stove; unattended cooking is the leading cause of home fires. Also make sure to thoroughly wash raw vegetables and fruits and to fully cook meats and poultry. Turkey needs to reach an internal temperature of 180° Fahrenheit (F). Keep hot foods hot (140° F) and cold foods cold (40° F) during transport and serving. Refrigerate or freeze leftovers in covered shallow containers (less than two inches deep) within two hours after cooking. Reheated food should be hot and steamy (165° F), not just warm.

Seasonal illnesses - Because people travel from all over to attend celebrations, the holiday season provides an opportunity to share contagious diseases. Practice good personal hygiene. Wash hands frequently. Block sneezes and coughs with the inner side of your upper arm.

SCCS to Discontinue TeraTerm Pro Emulator

(Screen shot - PuTTY)
The PuTTY terminal emulator.

TeraTerm Pro is a software terminal emulator that has been used at SLAC for several years to connect to UNIX systems from Windows systems. To meet Department of Energy security regulations, Scientific Computing and Computing Services (SCCS) is moving away from TeraTerm Pro. It will no longer be available on SLAC systems after Tuesday, November 27th.

SCCS is recommending two new terminal emulators—PuTTY and SecureCRT. PuTTY is freeware available to all users, while SecureCRT is currently only available to Stanford employees due to licensing restrictions. The PuTTY emulator is available on SLAC's Windows Software Installation Site, Xweb, while SecureCRT is available from the Stanford University Software Download Site (note: you must have a SUNet ID to download SecureCRT).

More information about this change, in addition to client comparisons and links to downloads, can be found at the SSHv2 Software website.

Family Giving Tree Campaign at SLAC

The SLAC Community is once again showing its generosity by participating in the Family Giving Tree.

Don't forget to pick up a Wish Card from the Family Giving Tree and bring a gift to a child who would otherwise go without. Gifts should range between $20 and $30 to ensure equality among all recipient households. Wish Cards can be found at a number of Wish Card locations: Buildings 005 (MCC), 24 (ES&H), 40 (Central Lab), 41 (A&E), 44 (Klystron), 48 (ROB), 137W & 120 (SSRL), 214 (ILC), 241 (CEF) and the Stanford Guest House.

The Family Giving Tree will end Friday, December 14th. Thanks for giving!

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