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LUSI Moves Forward
Safety Today: Earthquake Safety
SLAC to Celebrate Diwali on November 13

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Tuesday - November 6, 2007

A cartoon of the planned X-ray Correlation Spectroscopy Instrument, which will be used with the LCLS beam to study polymers, glasses and superconductors. (Image courtesy of Jean-Charles Castagna.)

LUSI Moves Forward

As construction continues on the experimental halls that will receive the beam from the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS), the instruments that will go inside still exist only in the minds and computers of the designers. But in the past few months, those instruments are getting closer to reality.

"Right now things are really picking up," says David Fritz, a scientist on the LCLS Ultrafast Science Instruments (LUSI) project.

Having received approval of Critical Decision-1 from the Department of Energy (DOE) on Sept. 27, 2007, the project is fully staffed and is in the thick of project engineering and design.

"The LCLS is a new type of machine," Fritz says. "Even simple components have to change to be used at LCLS. We're realizing this more and more every day."  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Earthquake Safety

The Bay Area was shaken last Tuesday night with a 5.6 magnitude earthquake, centered in Alum Rock. Fortunately, there was minimal damage and no reports of injuries. (For more information on the quake, see the USGS Earthquake Report.)

With the quake still fresh in our minds, it's a good time to prepare for future earthquakes. The Environment, Safety and Health (ES&H) Division suggests that you:

- Brace and secure all furniture in your office and home. Here at SLAC, you can place a maintenance request at Facilities (CEF) to have this done.
- Place large or heavy objects on lower shelves. Fasten shelves, mirrors and large picture frames to walls. Brace high and top-heavy objects.
- Store any breakable items (glass, ceramics, etc.) on low shelves or in cabinets that fasten shut.
- Locate safe spots in each room under a sturdy table or against an inside wall.
- Participate in SLAC's regular evacuation drills in your building and know your evacuation routes. Talk to your Building Manager for details.
- At home, prepare an emergency plan, hold periodic drills with your family and develop an emergency kit containing the supplies your family will need to sustain yourselves for at least 72 hours. Check with the American Red Cross for a recommended Disaster Supply Kit.

More information is available in SLAC's Earthquake Safety Guide.

SLAC to Celebrate Diwali on November 13

Archana Ganapathi performs a South Indian classical dance at the 2006 Diwali celebration. (Photo courtesy of Diana Rogers.)

Indian delights, both culinary and intellectual, are on the calendar for Tuesday, November 13, when SLAC celebrates Diwali, the festival of lights.

For the fifth year, the SLAC staff is invited to visit India, if only for their lunch hour.

"It is a tradition to celebrate Diwali every year to celebrate victory and hope for victory in future endeavors," says Kiran Polavarapu, one of this year's organizers. The festival has roots in ancient kings' victory celebrations.

The Diwali luncheon will include videos about India, dance performances and a menu with "something to please everyone," Polavarapu says. There will be both vegetarian and meat dishes.

Tickets for the celebration, to be held between 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. next Tuesday in the Redwood Conference Rooms, are $15 and available from any of the organizers:

Kay Ganapathi, x4157
Kiran Polavarapu, x4970
Garima Srivastava, x5067
Mary Mathew, x4136
Monica Morchi, x5041

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