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PEP-II and BaBar Shutdown Begins Today
Safety Today: Become a Partner in Your Health Care
Reminder: Blood Drive Tomorrow
Word of the Week: "Beam"

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Tuesday - September 4, 2007

PEP-II and BaBar Shutdown Begins Today

The PEP-II rings.

Early this morning, the BaBar detector stopped taking data and PEP-II crews began powering down the rings for a three-month downtime.

During the seven and a half month run, PEP-II delivered 90 inverse femtobarns of integrated luminosity, a measure of the number of particle collisions in a given period of time. In August, the machine began breaking certain PEP-II records, including the best 30 days ever for integrated luminosity (19.7 inverse femtobarns) and the best week (5.4 inverse femtobarns). Peak luminosity came within a few percent of the record from the previous run, but in the beginning, the machine did not perform as well as hoped for during Run 6.

"It's been a hard fought run, but it's ending very well," said John Seeman, Head of the Accelerator Systems Division. "We appreciate all the groups at SLAC who contributed to PEP-II operations."  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Become a Partner
in Your Health Care

Many people go to the doctor ready to just listen and let the doctor take the lead. But the best patientdoctor relationships are partnerships. You and your doctor can work together as a team that includes nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists and other health care providers to address your medical problems and keep you healthy. Your first step is to find a main doctor (your primary doctor or primary care doctor) that you feel comfortable talking to. Your doctor needs to understand your health concerns and problems. He or she will help you make medical decisions that suit your values and daily habits, and will keep in touch with any other specialists you may need. So spend some time finding a doctor you can trust and with whom you can talk openly.

Try drawing up a basic plan to help you make the most of your appointments, whether you’re starting with a new doctor or continuing with the one you've seen for years. Make a list in advance of the things you want to discuss. Do you have a new symptom? Are you concerned about how a treatment is affecting your daily life? If you have more than a few items to discuss, put them in order with the most important ones first.  Read more...

Blood Drive Tomorrow

(Logo)SLAC will host a blood drive in the Panofsky Auditorium Lobby on Wednesday, September 5, from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. This drive is open to all members of the SLAC community and the general public.

Each donor will receive Stanford Athletic Department discount coupons, plus a free cholesterol screening.

To donate blood, you must:
- Be at least 17 years of age
- Weigh at least 110 pounds
- Be feeling healthy
- Be well hydrated
- Eat before donation

To schedule an appointment online, log onto the Stanford Blood Center website and click on "Find a Blood Drive." Then click on "Mobile Drive Scheduler" and enter SLA5323 in the "Sponsor Code" box. Click on the date of the drive and then follow the prompts to schedule your appointment.

Appointments will be given priority, but walk-ins are always welcome!

Please contact Lauren Barbieri with questions.

Word of the Week:

In particle physics, a "beam" within an accelerator is not a continuous stream, but comprises a train of pulses made up of individual packets of sub-atomic particles such as electrons, positrons or protons. SLAC's linear accelerator creates a beam of electrons and positrons packed into a train of up to 120 pulses per second.

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