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New Form of Matter-antimatter Transformation Observed
Safety Today: SAFE '07 Campaign
Seeking Globie Nominations
eProcurement Moves Forward

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Tuesday - March 13, 2007

New Form of Matter-antimatter Transformation Observed

BaBar collaborators William Lockman, Ray Cowan, and Brian Aagaard Petersen inside the linac. (Click on image for larger version.)

For the first time, BaBar researchers have observed the transition of one type of particle, the neutral D-meson, into its antimatter particle. This observation will now be used as a test of the Standard Model, the current theory that best describes all the universe's luminous matter and its associated forces.

"Achieving the large number of collisions needed to observe this D-meson transition is a testament to the tremendous capabilities of the laboratory's accelerator team," said Jonathan Dorfan. "The discovery of this long-sought-after process is yet another step along the way to a better understanding of the Standard Model and the physics beyond."

The PEP-II accelerator complex at SLAC, also known as the B Factory, allows the BaBar collaboration to study not only B-mesons but also several other types of particles including the D-meson. A flurry of particles in a variety of combinations is produced when electrons and positrons collide at high energy in the PEP-II collider facility. One of the most elusive results of this flurry is the transformation of one particle into its anti-particle in a process physicists call "mixing." Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

SAFE '07 Campaign

SLAC's Safety Values and Expectations state that "injuries, occupational illnesses, and environmental incidents can be prevented." Although we strive to meet this objective, we still have accidents and injuries that are preventable.

One of the fundamentals in preventing accidents is to increase awareness through communication and education. In addition to the articles you periodically see in SLAC Today, the ES&H Division is starting a new SAFE '07 Campaign. This campaign involves identifying the types of incidents that lead to accidents and providing short informational presentations to increase awareness.

When you look at the types of accidents we have, "slips, trips, and falls" are a leading contributor—these account for more than one-quarter of all of our cases over the past few years. If you go to the new SAFE '07 website: "Preventing Accidents at Work: Safe '07," you will find a brief (7 min.) presentation on this topic and the steps that can be taken to minimize your risk of having this type of accident. Online material is also available at the website for supervisors and managers to use in the form of a staff meeting or safety "tailgate" session.

Subsequent safety briefs will be provided on other important accident prevention topics such as material handling/back safety, ergonomics, and preventing cuts and bruises.

The ES&H Division is very interested in hearing what you have to say about this program. On the website is an automated survey for you to provide your feedback on this topic, as well as any others you would like to see. Have a Safe '07!

Seeking Globie Nominations

(Image - Globies)Do you know somebody who has made a difference? SLAC employs many wonderful people who we enjoy working with, and who make our lives better by being here. To formally recognize these people, SLAC Employee Recognition Awards ("globies") are given each year to people who you nominate.

This year's awards are now open for nominations through April 2. You may nominate up to three people (please submit separate forms for each person nominated), and nominations may be submitted online

These awards are about people promoting a positive, respectful and harmonious work environment. It is about good citizenship and making people around them enjoy being here at SLAC.  Learn more...

Moves Forward

As part of the department's efforts to provide enhanced customer service through its eProcurement initiative, Purchasing has recently launched its eProcurement Requestor Center, accessible from the Purchasing Department homepage. This is an online help resource for operators and requestors which provides access to PeopleSoft-related frequently asked questions, useful links, relevant manuals, and contact information.

This is the first step toward Direct Connect (Business-2-Business). Look for future articles on Direct Connect and how SLAC staff will be able to search a vendor's electronic catalogs to find needed items, create an electronic purchase order, route it for approval, and electronically place the order. All of this without going through Purchasing!

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