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SLAC Today Celebrates First Birthday
People Today: Meet the Faces of SLAC Today
WIS Seminar to Feature Kids' Day @ SLAC Movie
Purchasing Offers BPOs for Fabricated Parts
Safety Seconds

SLAC Today

Tuesday - February 27, 2007

SLAC Today Celebrates First Birthday

Exactly one year ago today, SLAC Today's inaugural edition arrived in the inbox of all employees and users. Launched as a new initiative to encourage internal communication, it has developed into a central information resource for over 4,000 readers.

Filling the publication with SLAC news each and every workday seemed a tremendous challenge at this time last year. But now it's quite the opposite; there is so much going on at the laboratory that some days it can be tough to squeeze it all in.

SLAC Today has evolved over the course of its 248 issues, thanks to feedback from readers and responses to last May's survey. With your continued support, we look forward to another great year. Please feel free to send suggestions and comments to

(Column - People Today)

Meet the Faces
of SLAC Today

Clockwise from top left: Heather Rock Woods, Kelen Tuttle, Melinda Lee, Alison Drain, Brad Plummer and Marcus Woo.

The members of the Communications Group who produce SLAC Today have science backgrounds, an immoderate love of words and a thirst for learning.

It takes a team to convey the vibrancy of the lab's people, science and events every day in SLAC Today. Read on to catch a glimpse of the people behind the publication.

Rain or shine, good news or bad, Editor Kelen Tuttle is at her desk at 7 a.m. every morning to put the finishing touches on SLAC Today. She's the backbone of the publication and spends the majority of her day scouting out stories, writing, editing, collecting images and laying out each issue. She thrives on the flurry of daily activity, learning new things about the lab and being in the know.

On the rare day that Tuttle is not at the lab, Brad Plummer takes over the reins. Between other duties, he writes articles about the thriving new world of photon science. He excels at unveiling what makes an experiment and an experimenter tick, and constantly seeks to provide fresh images for SLAC Today.

Heather Rock Woods has been writing about science at the lab for several years.  Read more...

WIS Seminar to Feature Kids' Day @ SLAC Movie

Images from Kids' Day 2006 courtesy of Diana Rogers.

Have you ever wondered why kids come back from Kids' Day @ SLAC with big grins on their faces and bags full of flashing plastic boxes, ball bearings and shattered roses? Find out by coming to the next Women's Interchange at SLAC (WIS) seminar on Wednesday, February 28th at 12:00 p.m. in the Kavli Building Auditorium.

There, WIS organizers will debut a short, fast-paced movie culled from over ten hours of video shot by Dr. Cynthia Gehrie in the preparation of and during Kids' Day 2006. The presentation will also include still photographs from previous Kids' Days and Take Our Daughters to Work Days.

WIS initiated Take Your Daughter to Work Day in 1994. The nearly annual event has included both boys and girls since 2002, and has since been renamed Kids' Day @ SLAC. Learn more...

Purchasing Offers BPOs for Fabricated Parts

Purchasing now has 11 Blanket Purchase Orders (BPOs) for requestors who order fabricated parts. These BPOs cover services including heavy and light machining, welding, sheet metal and mechanical assembly. Requestors interested in learning more about using these BPOs should contact John Gamble.

Safety Seconds

California law requires you to signal for a turn about 100 feet in advance. Do you consistently do this? If you always do, you are to be congratulated, because few drivers do. It's just a little safety thing, but if you fail to do this, what other safety practices might you also be ignoring?

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