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Upgrades on Tap for 2007
SLAC Offers On-site Career Counseling
Medical Care During Holiday Shutdown
Last Chance to Buy Logo Wear Before Holidays

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Monday - December 18, 2006

Upgrades on Tap for 2007

(Photo - Cooling Tower)
Cooling Tower 101 is one of several buildings slated to be retrofitted in 2007.

The New Year and its requisite resolutions may still be a month off, but plans for a 2007 "self improvement" project are already well under way at SLAC.

A number of SLAC's underground piping systems will be replaced and various building structures will be seismically retrofitted under the Safety and Operational Reliability Improvements (SORI) Project. SLAC is currently in the process of selecting general contractors for the work, which will start in February or March of 2007. "These upgrades will help support the continuation of great science at SLAC for years to come. This project will be implemented with minimal disruption to SLAC operations, taking advantage of scheduled downtimes whenever possible," says Hieu Dao, SORI Project Manager.

The laboratory's underground piping systems, like most of its infrastructure, date back to the original construction of the facility between 1962 and 1966. After four decades, many of these systems are reaching the end of their functional life spans and are becoming costly to maintain. The project will address these issues in systems carrying natural gas, chilled water, hot water, cooling tower water, fire protection water, sanitary sewage, and storm drain runoff. Anticipated upgrades include replacing old piping, welding pipe joints, and installing valves, drains, and manholes.  Read more...


Today's colloquium, High Performance Neural Prostheses, has been cancelled as the speaker, Krishna Shenoy, is out sick. The talk will be rescheduled for sometime next year; please check SLAC Today for more details as they become available.

(Director's Column)

The Director's Column will return to SLAC Today in January. In the meantime, look for a message from Keith in tomorrow's edition.

Safety Firsts & Seconds

This column will also return in the new year. 

SLAC Offers On-site
Career Counseling

(Photo - Pauline Wethington)When Delicia Gipson began working in the Mechanical Design Department last year, she knew she wanted to go back to school, but she wasn't sure how. One day, she was chatting about her options with a colleague, when Pauline Wethington, who runs SLAC's Academic and Career Counseling Center, walked into the room. "It was perfect timing," said Gipson.

Wethington helped Gipson understand her employee benefits, fill out school applications, plan courses, and find ways to balance school with her work and family responsibilities. "She helped me with everything," Gipson said. "She's taken me to places I never thought I'd go." Gipson is months away from finishing an associate's degree at De Anza College, and is on track to attend San Jose State College in the fall, where she will be pursuing a degree in communications.

"It's all about fulfilling your potential," said Wethington, who also gives general career advice and helps employees fine-tune resumes, prepare for job interviews and find ways to transition to new positions at SLAC.

"She brainstormed with me and helped me see options I hadn't even considered," said Ron MacKenzie, a software engineer in the Controls Department. A SLAC employee for the last 23 years, MacKenzie recently returned to school to pursue an interdisciplinary Master's degree. "She's on your side," he added. "Working with her is great. It's psychology for your career."

Counseling is free and confidential. For more information, see the counseling center website.

Medical Care During Holiday Shutdown

The SLAC Medical Department is closed during the holiday shutdown. If you have a work-related non-emergency illness or injury, you may seek treatment from one of the following healthcare providers:

• Sequoia Hospital Occupational Health Services (Palo Alto and Redwood City)
• Stanford Hospital Emergency Services and Prompt Care
• Your personal physician, provided you have completed the Physician Pre-Designation form.

Click here to see hours and locations. Sequoia Occupational Health Services will be closed on December 25 and 26. The Palo Alto location will also be closed December 29. For any occurrences that require medical attention during these closures, please go to Stanford Hospital Emergency Services & Prompt Care.

If you do seek care over the shutdown, please notify the SLAC Medical Department at x2281 or Leave a message noting your name, the nature of the injury, the time and date of the occurrence, and the name of the clinic or hospital where you received treatment. When the Medical Department opens for business on January 2, 2007, you will be sent an SU-17 to complete.

If issues arise regarding a workers' compensation claim, contact Zurich Claims Examiner Martha Deacon at (415) 538-7402. For more information, contact Workers' Compensation Administrator Sharon Haynes.

Great Holiday Gifts in Guest House Gift Shop

Don't forget! Logo items including caps, tees, polos, denims, sweatshirts, sweatpants, mugs, pens, and solar calculators are available at the Guest House gift shop through Thursday, December 21st. For operating hours and other information, call the Guest House front desk staff at x2800.

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