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Update: Work Space at SLAC
Safety Today: Conserving Energy During the Holidays
New Version of Citrix Now Available
The 2005 Property Control Honor Roll
Holiday Decorations Abound at SLAC
Safety Seconds

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Tuesday - December 12, 2006

Update: Work Space at SLAC

An architect's early conception of the future East Campus. (Click on image for larger version.)

A major change in the allocation of space at the lab is in the works. With the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) coming online in 2009 and the PULSE (Photon Ultrafast Laser Science and Engineering) center growing, a reorganization and concentration of workspace has become necessary. The need to rethink space is even more crucial with the recent decision not to build the Central Lab Office Complex (CLOC), which would have housed LCLS and PULSE researchers, due to unexpectedly high construction costs.

To confront this pressing space crunch, the Space Working Group (SWG) has created a strategic plan that involves relocating several groups within the next two years.

LCLS staff needed for the operation of experimental areas will soon be housed on the first floor of the Collider Experimental Hall (CEH). Before the end of 2009, LCLS staff will also take over the second floor, and the CEH staff currently located there will be relocated. Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Conserving Energy
During the Holidays

(Holiday lights)

It's the time of year when residential areas are aglow with holiday lights. As you string up your lights this year, remember that a little goes a long way. LED bulbs use 80 to 90 percent less energy than traditional light strings. PG&E estimates that an LED string of 300 lights over the course of the holiday season will cost 47 cents to power; the same string of mini incandescent bulbs costs 10 times as much, and 300 large incandescent lights cost $76.00.

Safety Seconds

In yesterday's edition, I asked if you could guess how many pounds of fuel the new Airbus A380 needs to dump for it to make an emergency landing just after takeoff. The answer is 400,000 pounds. For comparison, this is almost twice the weight of the fuel (hydrogen) stored in the Space Shuttle's external fuel tank. Hopefully we all plan better than this.

New Version of Citrix
Now Available

The new version of Citrix is now available. Although no new version of the Citrix client is required to use the new implementation, SLAC Computing recommends that you upgrade to the latest client. Learn more...

The 2005 Property Control Honor Roll

Click here to see a list of departments who accounted for 100% of their reportable inventory in fiscal year 2006.

The inventory results for fiscal year 2006 are in, and once again, SLAC rated an "outstanding" for sensitive items and for equipment with a cost over $5,000.

Thank you to all the departments who accounted for 100% of their reportable inventory. We hope to see your department on the list next year.

If you have questions about Property Control, please contact Property Control Manager Leslie Normandin.

Holiday Decorations Abound at SLAC

(Holiday tree)
Mechanical technicians Emilio Castro and Mei Sausa and supervisor Rich Atkinson are shown here in front of the Precision Assembly team's tree.

Yesterday's SLAC Today article "Sprucing up for the Holidays" produced a flurry of response from employees who have also decorated their workspaces for the holidays. One such space is the Precision Assembly room in the Light Fabrication Building, where team members continued an annual tradition, decorating a Christmas tree with wrenches, ear plugs, safety glasses, used gaskets and caution tape.

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