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SLAC Speeds to the Finish Line
Colloquium Monday: Shedding Light on Dark Matter
SLAC Introduces "Controlled Areas"

SLAC Today

Friday - November 17, 2006

Ole Agesen and Doebert Steffen.
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SLAC Speeds to the Finish Line

They may not be as fast as a beam of particles, but that didn't stop 81 runners and 37 walkers from turning out for yesterday's 35th Annual SLAC Run and Walk. The event features a 3.8-mile run and a 2-mile walk alongside the linear accelerator.

Ole Ageson placed first overall in the run with a time of 21:37, while for the second year in a row Jennifer Peck was the top female finisher, with a time of 24:43. Other race times and standings are posted at the Run and Walk webpage; a photo of the winners can be found here. Also recognized at this year's event were Karen Fant, who has run the race 21 times since 1984, and Don Carpenter, this year's oldest runner.

The 2006 race is thanks to organizers Dave Bostic, Jim Allan, Bob Traller, Vern Smith, and Ruth McDunn, as well as about 20 volunteers.

Colloquium Monday

Shedding Light
on Dark Matter

Image courtesy of SLAC InfoMedia

The cluster of galaxies 1E0657-56 has been the subject of intense ongoing research in the last few years. This system is remarkably well-suited to addressing outstanding issues in both cosmology and fundamental physics. It is one of the hottest and most luminous X-ray clusters known and is unique in being a major supersonic cluster merger occurring nearly in the plane of the sky, earning it the nickname "the Bullet Cluster."

In next week's colloquium, KIPAC's Marusa Bradac will present measurements of the composition of this system, show the evidence for existence of dark matter, and describe limits that can be placed on the intrinsic properties of dark matter particles. In addition, she will explain how this cluster offers a serious challenge to MOdified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND) theories. The colloquium takes place Monday at 4:15 in Panofsky Auditorium. All are invited to attend. Learn more...

SLAC Introduces
"Controlled Areas"

(Photo - Controlled Access Sign)
Darryl Murray places a Controlled Area sign at Gate 30.

Today around the lab, you might notice some new signs posting areas as "Controlled Area." Some of the locations initially posted are the Accelerator Area entrances at Gate 17, Gate 30 and the Alpine Gate. This identification has been added for consistency with other DOE laboratories and the radiological regulations of 10CFR835.

Detailed information on Controlled Areas can be found in ES&H Manual Chapter 9, "Radiological Safety," in the requirements section under Area and Worker Classification (read it online here).

A summary of the entry requirements can be found below. Note that entry requirements for Controlled Areas are the same as for Accelerator Areas.

Unescorted Access
- Personnel must be trained in either course #375-Safety Orientation for Non-Employees (SON), or course #219-Employee Orientation to ES&H (EOESH)
- Personnel must have their SLAC ID with them
- No dosimeter is required

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