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symmetry: What is an X-Ray Laser?
Profile: Havanese Extraordinaire
Volunteers Needed: Science Bowl 2007

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Wednesday - November 1, 2006

(Image - goggles)

symmetry: What is an X-Ray Laser?

X-ray lasers will be the next generation of light source. They will deliver extraordinarily intense beams of x-rays in very short bursts that are ten billion times brighter than those in any other light source. They will find applications in sciences ranging from new material design to astrophysics research to drug development as scientists use the lasers to reveal molecular structures never seen before.

X-rays lasers are driven by high-current, high-energy electron beams such as those produced in linear accelerators. Wiggling back and forth between rows of magnets called undulators, the electron beams emit coherent bursts of x-rays. The first generation of x-ray lasers is currently under construction in Germany (at the DESY laboratory), Japan (at the SPring-8 laboratory), and the U.S. (at SLAC). Read more...

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Havanese Extraordinaire

(Image - Rafe Schindler)
SLAC's Rafe Schindler with Angelito.
(Click on image for larger version.)

Angelito likes SLAC, but his real passion is competing in dog shows. That's okay, because Angelito is a 7-month-old Havanese puppy, owned by SLAC faculty member and BaBar/Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) collaborator Rafe Schindler.

Although he's very young, Angelito has been impressing judges across Northern California. He has already earned three "majors" and 10 out of the 15 points needed for his American Kennel Club championship—all in his first month of shows.

"I was trying to get the LSST team to make Angelito the official mascot," Schindler said, "but even though he was born in Tucson [the headquarters of LSST], they were concerned about his name." Angelito's registered name is Triple-H Lightning Strikes, and physicists on the experiment worry quite a bit about lightning striking their apparatus.  Read more...

Volunteers Needed: Science Bowl 2007

(Photo - Science Bowl 2006)
Science Bowl 2006.
(Click on image for larger version.)

The DOE Regional Science Bowl comes to SLAC for the third consecutive year February 10, 2007. More than 150 brilliant high school students from around the Bay Area will be at the lab to flex their scientific brawn in hopes of winning first prize and a trip to the National competition in Washington, D.C.

Resembling a quiz show, the Science Bowl is an academic competition that tests students' knowledge of mathematics and science. Student team competitions take place in the morning, followed by afternoon elimination rounds and an awards ceremony. Tours of SLAC are also on the agenda.

As with any event of this size, we can't do it without your help! We need volunteers to serve as moderators, timekeepers, scorekeepers and runners—for more information or to become a volunteer please contact Melinda Lee at x8547 or for details.

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