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SLAC Colloquium Features Archimedes Manuscript
Super Anders Nilsson
Fermilab and Argonne Host Next LCFOA Meeting

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Friday - September 22, 2006

SLAC Colloquium Features Archimedes Manuscript

(Image - Colloquium poster)
Poster design courtesy of Terry Anderson

The SLAC Colloquium Series continues this Monday with "Archimedes Manuscript under X-ray Vision," presented by Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) Staff Scientist Uwe Bergmann. 

A privately owned palimpsest containing two works of Archimedes is the subject of an integrated campaign of conservation, imaging, and scholarship being undertaken at The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. Much of the text has been imaged by various optical techniques, but significant gaps remain.

A breakthrough in uncovering these writings has recently been achieved at SSRL. X-ray fluorescence imaging brought words back to life from faint traces of the partly erased iron gall ink, revealing writings from some of Archimedes' most important works. In this talk, Bergmann will take listeners on the fascinating journey of a 1,000 year old parchment from its origin in the Mediterranean city of Constantinople to an x-ray beam line in Menlo Park, California.

The colloquium takes place in Panofsky Auditorium on Monday, September 25 at 4:15 p.m. All are invited to attend. Learn more...

Super Anders Nilsson

(Image - Super Anders) Theanne Schiros and Anders Nilsson pose next to Nilsson's car.
(Click on image for larger version.)

Some graduate students show esteem for their professors in mysterious ways.

SSRL photon scientist Anders Nilsson drives a Honda Accord whose license plate holder reads Superstore Anderson, referring to a local dealership. Theanne Schiros, a Ph.D. student of his, saw in this the potential for some creative re-decorating.

In a mischievous mood one day, she headed out to the parking lot with a roll of electrical tape. There she blacked out letters to make the license plate holder read "Super Anders." She returned and didn't say a word.

Months later, someone finally pointed out the change to Nilsson. "I didn't know about it myself because I don't ever check my license plate," he says. "I thought it was very funny."

"It was a celebratory practical joke," says Schiros. How does Nilsson qualify for such a title? "A million reasons. He's a great scientist and a great advisor. He's super-duper."

Fermilab and Argonne Host LCFOA Meeting

The Linear Collider Forum of America (LCFOA), a not-for-profit industrial forum, will hold its Fall 2006 meeting on October 16-17. The meeting will start at Argonne National Laboratory on the afternoon of Monday, October 16, and will continue all day Tuesday, October 17, at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory.

Following the last LCFOA meeting at SLAC in May, this session will focus on cavity and surface polishing R&D at Argonne and progress made by the ILC program over the last several months.  The meeting will also offer attendees the opportunity to tour new ILC facilities being developed at Fermilab. Industry members will be able to provide feedback and recommendations on needed user facilities and issues such as manufacturing, scheduling and contracting during a panel discussion at the end of the meeting. There will also be a smaller technical workshop for companies interested in magnet manufacturing on Wednesday, October 18.

The meeting is open to all interested parties, and no registration fee is required. To register, please send your name, affiliation, address, phone number and e-mail address to

The agenda, accommodation information and details about entering Argonne's site are available online.

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