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EXO Makes Progress
Safety Today: Want to Quit Smoking? Medical Office Can Help
Abstracts Sought for SSRL Users' Meeting

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Tuesday - September 5, 2006

Jesse Wodin with the EXO cryostat.
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EXO Makes Progress

A group of physicists will soon be working in the salt mines to learn the mass of neutrinos and determine if neutrinos are their own antiparticle. Only recently shown to have mass, neutrinos stream through the universe but rarely interact with anything.

The physicists plan to lower their prototype observatory 800 meters into a salt mine in New Mexico by the end of the year. SLAC is one of the collaborators on the Enriched Xenon Observatory project, which is led by Stanford University.

To seek the answers, the EXO team is building a detector system. The system includes a special copper vessel containing 200 kilograms of xenon, enriched to contain mostly one form of the element, called xenon 136. Researchers hope to see a rare, and maybe impossible, radioactive decay in which the xenon136 releases two electrons of a particular energy, but no neutrinos. This process is called neutrinoless double beta decay.  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Want to Quit Smoking? Medical Office Can Help

We all know that smoking is a big health risk—a factor in nearly 20 percent of deaths. Cigarettes alone kill more Americans than alcohol, car accidents, suicide, AIDS, homicide, and illegal drugs combined. Even so, twenty-one percent of adults, twenty-two percent of high school students and eight percent of middle school students smoke.

The staff of the Medical Department is available to help SLAC employees kick the smoking habit. The department's smoking cessation program includes a free 30 minute introductory consultation. If you are ready to stop smoking for good, this program can help you succeed. Simply call the Medical Department to start planning your smoke-free future.

Visit the SLAC Medical Department.

Abstracts Sought for SSRL Users' Meeting

The 2006 SSRL Users' Meeting will take place October 12-13, 2006.

Users are encouraged to share their research through poster presentations at the 33rd Annual SSRL Users' Meeting, October 12-13, 2006. This annual conference provides a forum for the presentation and discussion of new data and developments as well as plans for the future at SSRL. Abstracts received by September 20 will be included in the program materials. Register here.

In addition to the poster presentations, the meeting will also showcase new data, developments and plans for the future through talks and workshops. There will be presentations on new opportunities for imaging and ultrafast science, structural biology, science highlights from the last year, and a young investigators session. All SSRL users are invited to attend the meeting. Click here for details.

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