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Register Now for Kids Day 2006
Profile Today: Susie Zheng Enjoys Third Summer at SLAC
SLUO Annual Meeting Scheduled for Sept. 11

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Wednesday - July 26, 2006

(Photo - Kids Day 2005)
Participants of Kids Day 2005 tighten nuts and bolts on a vacuum flange.

Register Now for Kids Day 2006

What do catapults, paleontology, electric motors, magnetics and 230 excited children have in common?

They are all part of Kids Day @ SLAC 2006. This year's event takes place on Wednesday, August 16, and is open to any child sponsored by a SLAC employee or user. "Invite your son, daughter, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbor," says event co-organizer Teresa Troxel. But do it soon: registration closes on Monday, July 31.

This year's event promises to be another energetic day with 18 workshops led by SLAC employees. Divided into two age groups, the children will take part in a wide variety of activities that include: cryogenics, biology, radiation, magnetics, welding, waves and astrophysics. Additional features of the day include a welcome from the Photon Science Directorate's Elizabeth Caplun-Cochrane, an ice cream social and a science talk with KIPAC's Phil Marshall.

The all-day event begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m. The cost is $13 per child, which includes lunch and a commemorative t-shirt.

Volunteers are still needed to help with the Kids Day festivities. If you are interested, please contact Michelle Steger (, x3011). "Kids day opens minds and exposes young kids to science," says co-organizer Barry Webb. "Come out and make a connection with the kids by volunteering."

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Susie Zheng Enjoys Third Summer at SLAC

(Image - Susie Zheng)SLAC summer intern Susie Zheng is an old hand at the lab. Over the past three years, she has worked her way through the intern ranks to reach the position she says is "absolutely right" for her.

In the summer of 2004, Zheng first came to SLAC to work for Bob Todaro in purchasing. At the time, she was going to De Anza College and in need of a summer internship. Zheng enjoyed her time at SLAC so much that she came back for another summer in the purchasing department.

That second summer led to a chance meeting with engineer Antonio de Lira. "He found out that I'm an engineering major and asked for my resume," she says. "He was very kind, saying he was impressed with my background, and encouraged me to apply for a position working for him."

Zheng is thrilled to be back at the lab for her third year, working with de Lira to develop high availability power supplies for the Controls and Power Electronics department. "This is exactly what I want to do after I graduate," she says. "This internship is a fantastic opportunity for me to start my career in this field."

Zheng will continue her education at Santa Clara University this fall, finishing up her bachelors degree in engineering.

"I really appreciate what Antonio De Lira, Bob Todaro, John Krzaszczak and Tony Beukers have done for me," she says. "They inspired me to excel in the engineering field."

SLUO Annual Meeting Scheduled for Sept. 11

Mark your calendar now—this year's SLAC Users Organization (SLUO) annual meeting will take place on Monday, September 11. The event is scheduled to coincide with the BaBar collaboration meeting, which begins on September 10.

The SLUO meeting will focus on developments in Particle and Particle Astrophysics with implications for the future of the field and the program at SLAC. The talks presented throughout the day will include reports on the roadmap for high energy physics and ILC planning, highlighting both political and scientific aspects.

"It's important to hear about and offer feedback on issues related to the future of our field," said SLUO Chair Abi Soffer. "Representatives from the Department of Energy and Congress will attend and give presentations, making this a great opportunity for SLAC users to communicate with the decision makers in Washington."

SLUO recently sponsored visits from Harold Shapiro, Chairman of the National Academies Committee on Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st Century (EPP2010), and Mike Holland, Designee to the Chairman of the House Science Subcommittee on Energy. "The annual meeting is a continuation of the process that began with these visits," said Soffer. "A major goal of the meeting is to engage and involve the SLAC community in discussions about the future of Particle and Particle Astrophysics, an involvement that is necessary for the health of our field."

The annual meeting agenda will be posted to the SLUO website soon. In addition to talks and discussions, nominations for the next SLUO executive committee will be taken at the meeting. "And there will be food," Soffer said with a grin. "Lots of good food."

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