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All Hands Talks Tomorrow
Profile Today - Rick Iverson: Kiteboarder
SLAC's Linear Cafe Gets a Makeover

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Wednesday - July 12, 2006

(Photo - Jonathan Dorfan)

All Hands Talks Tomorrow

At four sessions on Thursday I will be presenting the successes, challenges and future opportunities for our lab. I invite you all to attend. These meetings give me the opportunity to speak to you face to face and give you the opportunity to respond by asking questions and offering comments. I encourage you to see these All Hands Talks as a two-way process. I hope that you will find what I say interesting, but equally want to learn from your input.

Light refreshments will be served after each talk on the cafeteria terrace. This is a chance to meet with colleagues and spend some time together reflecting on the content of my talk and the questions that followed. All the Directors will be present at the receptions. I hope you will use this time to meet and talk to our senior management.

I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday. See the All Hands schedule...

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Rick Iverson: Kiteboarder

(Photo - Iverson)
Rick Iverson holds the handle of his kiteboarding kite. (Click on image for larger version.)

An aficionado of wind and wave, Rick Iverson now combines the two. On weekends, he heads to Waddell Beach near Santa Cruz, straps a 9 square meter sheet to himself via four 70-foot ropes, steps onto something akin to a wakeboard, and lets the 20-knot winds pull him to sea.

"Kiteboarding gives you so much power," he says. "You can catch every wave you can see. Just dig in your heels and carve out a turn."

A PEP-II engineering physicist, Iverson has worked at SLAC since 1983. Having grown up in Newport Beach, Iverson began surfing at age 11. He tried hang-gliding but found it too dangerous. Windsurfing was fun, but he says, "you need a milk truck to haul your gear."

Changes Afoot in
SLAC's Linear Café

(Photo - cafe renovation) Construction crews began renovating the Linear Café on Monday.
(Click on image for larger version.)

SLAC's Linear Café started renovations Monday to increase customer space.

"It's our way of reciprocating to the SLAC community," says George Lee, the café's general manager.

The new design will push back the east wall where the soda machine sat, remove the island, and relocate the soup and salad bar along adjacent walls. The servery will also get new flooring and paint.

The project is scheduled to finish August 4. With construction taking place on evenings and weekends, café service will not be affected during renovation.

Although the soda fountain is temporarily unavailable, sodas are still available in bottles and cans. And the water and coffee remain easily accessible.

"All the important things are still here," says Lee.

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