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Engineers Spin Their Web at SLAC
Dorfan Today: HEPAP Endorses B-factory Running in FY2008
Klystron Gallery Road Closed at Sector 20 Today and Tomorrow
Linear Cafe Menu Now Available Through Link

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Monday - July 10, 2006

David Axmark, Bernardo Huberman and Brewster Kahle will present keynote lectures at this week's International Conference on Web Engineering.

Engineers Spin Their Web at SLAC

If you run into 120 people having lunch amid animated conversation on the patio outside the Redwood Room this week, it's likely you've run into participants of the International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2006).

Beginning today, web practitioners and researchers from around the world will gather at SLAC to discuss a systematic approach to engineering the web. Keynote speakers include David Axmark, the creator of MySQL, Brewster Kahle, founder of The Internet Archives, and Bernardo Huberman, Senior Fellow and Director of the Information Dynamics Lab at Hewlett-Packard Research Laboratories.

"Representatives from 25 countries are attending the conference, from every continent except Antarctica," said SLAC's Bebo White, local chair of the conference. "This attendance demonstrates the truly international interest in and the appeal of web engineering."

The conference takes place all this week in the Redwood Room and Panofsky Auditorium.

(Director's Column - Dorfan Today)

HEPAP Endorses
B-factory Running
in FY2008

I write this as I journey home from two days in Washington DC, where I attended the July 6-7 High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP) meeting.

Items of particular interest at this meeting were presentations from the sub-panel Chairs regarding the final reports from the dark energy (DETF) and advanced accelerators R&D (AARD) sub-panels and the P5 recommendation on the FY2008 B Factory running and the near-term roadmap. Given restrictions on the length of this column, I will focus here on the P5 recommendations. However, the recommendations from the DETF and AARD are very relevant to SLAC and can be found by accessing copies of the Chairman's presentations, available online.

The charge from DOE and NSF to which P5 is responding reads, "We would like you to propose a detailed roadmap for the US high energy physics program for the period of roughly the next ten years, with particular focus on the decisions needed in the next five years... This roadmap should lay out the most compelling scientific opportunities that can be addressed in that timeframe." The specific element of that roadmap that P5 Chairman, Abe Seiden from UC Santa Cruz, reported on was their recommendation regarding the running of our B-factory in FY2008. Read more...

Klystron Gallery Road Closed at Sector 20

(Photo - Klystron Gallery)
The North side of Klystron Gallery Road, which runs along the linac.

The north side of Klystron Gallery Road at Sector 20 will be closed this afternoon and most of the day tomorrow to allow for workers to install heavy equipment for the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS).

Access should return to normal on Tuesday evening. Please check the "Access" section of SLAC Today for updated information throughout the day.

Linear Café Menu Now Available Through Link

(Image - Cafe)
The SLAC Café patio

SLAC Today is perpetually in the process of reinventing itself to best suit its readers. In response to feedback from the SLAC Today survey, the cafeteria menu will no longer appear in the main text of SLAC Today. Café patrons can view the full week's menu by clicking on the "Linear Café Menu" link just to the right of this article.

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