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Cool Running for SSRL
Science Today: ATF2: A Model for Future ILC Collaboration
Juneteenth Organizers Say Thank You!

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Thursday - June 22, 2006

A liquid-nitrogen cooled monochromator, located at at SSRL's Beamline 7-2.
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Cool Running for SSRL

As SSRL prepares to turn up the juice to 500 mA, engineers are busily upgrading components to handle the increased power. Key among these components are the monochromators—devices that allow researchers to fine-tune the x-ray beams to the needs of the experiment.

Much of the research conducted at a synchrotron lab requires x-rays of a specific energy. Using specially prepared silicon crystals, a monochromator filters the x-ray beam much like a prism splits sunlight into a spectrum of colors. In this way researchers can select the specific x-ray energy of interest to them.   Read more...

(Daily Column - Science Today)

ATF2: A Model for Future ILC Collaboration

Last month, just as crews were busy dismantling the decade-old Final Focus Test Beam (FFTB), a group of International Linear Collider (ILC) experts from Asia, Europe and America gathered at SLAC's sister lab in Japan to plan a new facility to take its place. This new beamline will be built at KEK, the Japanese High Energy Accelerator Lab, alongside the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF).

This more modern FFTB, dubbed 'ATF2,' will produce extremely finely focused 35 nanometer electron beams, two times smaller than the smallest beams at FFTB.

The meeting in May was the second in a series of project definition and management meetings where the key players bring their plans and suggest contributions. The group tries to bring these parts together to form a whole that can be realized soon, in early 2008. ATF2 will be the first major, international supported ILC facility to be built since the world physics community decided two years ago on superconducting technology for the ILC.

The project is a model of how international partners would come together to bring the ILC to fruition, much as they did for the original FFTB.

Microsoft Presents Office 2007 Today

(Icon)Don't forget: Microsoft representatives will be in Panofsky Auditorium this afternoon to demonstrate their 2007 Office client and server. The client presentation begins at 1:30 p.m. and the server presentation begins at 3:00 p.m.  More...

Juneteenth Organizers Say "Thank You"

(Image - Juneteenth attendees) Attendees enjoy abundant barbecue at the Juneteenth celebration.
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With feverish ticket sales and devilish details, planners of SLAC's 17th annual Juneteenth celebration managed a successful event. But without our "secret ingredients"—SLAC's dedicated management staff, the enthusiastic volunteers and especially everyone who joined in the festivities—we certainly could not have accomplished any of it. To our volunteers: If you helped to sell tickets, loaned us a tent, took photos, helped with setup or even helped clean up, we simply say, "Thank you!"

Please send comments, questions or ideas for next year's celebration to Wanda Elliott (Mail Stop 15, or Ben Smith (Mail Stop 17,

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