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Special Event: Listening to Washington
SLAC Summer Institute Focuses on CERN's LHC
Milestones are Back
SLAC Today Survey Distributed Today
Electrical Safety Tip: What is the Electrical Safety Support Group?

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Friday - May 26, 2006

(Image - Listen to Washington Poster)

Special Event: Listening to Washington

Mike Holland, designee to the Chairman of the House Science Subcommittee on Energy, will visit SLAC next week to present the government's perspective on the value and significance of science. Formerly of the Office of Management and Budget and the Office of Science and Technology Policy, Dr. Holland will speak on the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship between the government and the sciences to ensure a bright future not only for physics research but for all scientific endeavors.

Following Dr. Holland's presentation, Steve Sekula of MIT will speak on the process of communicating science to government officials. He will also elaborate on how individual scientists can participate and, as a result, impact the relationship between scientific research and the government.

Come support SLAC research and learn how your input can make a difference! This special event will be on Tuesday May 30th from 10:00 am - 12:00 pm in the Redwood Conference room. All are encouraged to attend.

SLAC Summer Institute Focuses on CERN's LHC

(Image - SSI 2006)

The exploration of physics at the TeV scale holds both the promise of addressing some of our most basic questions about nature and the potential for major discovery. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN will break into this new energy frontier when it begins operation next year and the LHC detectors will then begin to prospect for gold.

The 2006 SLAC Summer Institute, "The Next Frontier: Exploring with the LHC," will review the basic principles of hadron collider physics, theoretical expectations for discoveries, and the science and technology of the accelerator and detectors. Talks on current research, poster presentations and discussion sessions will take place in the afternoons.

The Institute will be held at SLAC July 17-28, 2006. To learn more, please visit the SLAC Summer Institute website.

Milestones are Back!

After a three month hiatus, Milestones have returned to the SLAC website. Formerly published in TIP, Milestones announce employee and user recognition awards, retirements, obituaries and other important events. A link to the new Milestones webpage can now be found at the bottom of SLAC Today's rightmost column.

SLAC Today Survey Distributed Today

After three months of daily publication, SLAC Today is looking for feedback.  All subscribers will receive a link to the 2006 SLAC Today Readers' Survey in their inboxes this morning.  The survey is short; please take a few moments to share your thoughts. Thanks for your help!

Electrical Safety Tip:
What is the Electrical Safety Support Group?

(Image - ESO, Perry Anthony (center) reviews a new installation)The Electrical Safety Support Group (ESSG) was founded in 2004 as part of CEF. The ESSG is an electrical resource for everyone at SLAC. The group answers questions about DOE and SLAC electrical standards, helps evaluate electrical hazards, and conducts informal and formal electrical reviews. The group also manages the Electrical Equipment Inspection Program (EEIP).

Headed by Perry Anthony, the ESSG works with the Electrical Safety Committee in preparing SLAC electrical policy and implementation guide documents. Policy can be found in Chapter eight of the ES&H Manual and on the ESSG website.

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