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2006 Globies Awarded
People Today: Wolf, Iron Woman
PEP-II Breaks Record
French Delegation Pays a Visit to SLAC
Electrical Safety Tip: Keep Batteries Safe

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Wednesday - May 24, 2006

The 2006 Globie Awardees.
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2006 Globies Awarded

The 2006 Employee Recognition Awardees were treated to a luncheon and awards ceremony at the Stanford Faculty Club yesterday.

"We are here to honor good people who make other people feel good about being at SLAC," said Carmella Huser, Award Committee Chair.

The luncheon was a great success, with 30 of the 33 award recipients, their Divisional Directors, and the awards committee in attendance. In addition to receiving their awards with a handshake and congratulations from Jonathan Dorfan, the awardees got to hear some of the things for which they were nominated. As excerpts of the nominations were read, there were some blushes, some laughter, and much cheering and clapping.

"I see the staff as 1500 individuals, each of them critical to the operation of the lab," said Jonathan Dorfan. "Congratulations to the 2006 awardees!"

(Weekly Column - Profile)

Wolf, the Iron Woman

(Photo - Leslie Wolf) Lesley Wolf picked up cycling in Texas in 1991 when she saw a knot of friendly people with bikes having a great time at a neighbor's house. A cross-country runner in college who became a neighborhood jogger after her kids were born, Wolf didn't take long to become a die-hard cyclist. In 2000, she added swimming to her repertoire and began competing in sprint, Olympic, and half-Ironman triathlons. "Then my friends were recruiting village idiots to join them" in the Ironman, she says. "I happened to be one of them."

Wolf, who works at the TIS Library, started training two and a half hours a day in October 2004 for Idaho's Coeur d'Alene Ironman. Before she left to compete, the library staff threw her a party. "I was really touched by that," she says. "That was possibly the best part of the Ironman. I still have a poster they made me hanging in my house."

Race day came on June 26, 2005. Wolf streaked past themed refreshment stations, kids cheerfully spraying athletes with garden hoses, and thousands of people cheering from the sidelines through to the finish line. She made it in 14 hours, 2 minutes and 26 seconds.

"You really feel alive," she says.

Although she plans to compete in one more Ironman, Wolf recently picked up triathlons involving mountain biking rather than road racing. She asked the bike builders at Independent Fabrication on the East Coast to tailor a frame to her proportions, and then requested a finishing touch.

"I had it painted pink so my son wouldn't ride it." She's looking to trick it out with streamers and a white wicker basket.

PEP-II Breaks Record

(Image - Kaminski and Simard) Jochen Kaminski and Marin Simard display the recent luminosity record in the BaBar control room. (Click on image for larger version.)

It is a pleasure to report that PEP-II has not only returned to peak luminosity but also set a new all-time record of 10.028 x 1033 cm-2 s-1 on Monday, May 22. The same day also marked a new all-time high luminosity delivered by PEP-II (251.6 inverse picobarns) and recorded by BaBar (243.26 inverse picobarns) during a single shift. We continue to see high luminosity and are expecting to set additional records in the coming days, including delivered and recorded luminosity in a 24 hour period. Read more...

French Delegation
Pays a Visit to SLAC

(Image - Grassin and group) (Click on image for larger version.)

Antoine Grassin (fourth from left), Director for Science, University and Research at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, visited SLAC yesterday.  Also in attendance were the Consul General of the San Francisco French Embassy; the Scientific Counselor of the Washington, D.C., French Embassy; and the Attaché for Science and Technology at the San Francisco French Consulate.

Electrical Safety Tip:
Keep Batteries Safe

(Photo - Batteries) Thousands of batteries are used every year at SLAC and range from AAA size to large system batteries in heavy equipment. Batteries store energy that is usually delivered to a circuit over a long period of time and can present several kinds of hazards.  Read more...

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