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Phase Two of FFTB Removal Begins
Safety Today: Site-Wide Injury Prevention Discussion
DOE Designates May Electrical Safety Month

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Tuesday - May 2, 2006

With this first "arterial cut," workers began severing the FFTB tunnel from the beam switch yard and the support building. (Image courtesy of Jim Craft).

Phase Two of FFTB Removal Begins

Expect to see trucks ferrying 70-feet-long blocks of concrete up and down the Gallery Road along the linac in May and June.

Phase two of the Final Focus Test Beam (FFTB) removal project began May 1. This phase includes removing about 70 such blocks of concrete, each weighing 38 tons, which make up the roof and walls of the FFTB.

The FFTB received its last particle beam on April 10, just minutes before phase one began. During the three-week phase one, SLAC staff disconnected electrical and personnel protection systems, removed vacuum drift chambers and other valuable experimental equipment, and ensured no hazards remained for phase two.

"Phase one was phenomenal," said project engineer Richard Boyce. "It's been well-organized, well-executed and professional."  Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Site-Wide Injury Prevention Discussion

SLAC has already suffered more recordable injuries for fiscal year 2006 than it did for all of 2005. To prevent future injuries, senior management, ES&H and the Directorate would like your help.

All SLAC department managers and supervisors are asked to hold injury prevention discussions with their staff on Thursday, May 11. The goal is to open a dialog between the employees and their supervisors. Employees are asked to use this time to provide feedback to their department managers and safety coordinators on how to prevent injuries.

"We encourage all employees to participate in these discussions," said Safety Engineer Tom Rizzi. "Along with the front-line supervisors, employees doing the work are the ones who can have the greatest impact on safety."

ES&H has created a PowerPoint presentation, located on the Plan of Action webpage, that can be used as a tool to fuel conversation during the May 11th discussions. Department Managers and supervisors are encouraged to use all or part of this presentation in leading their department's discussion.

For more information on this site-wide discussion, please contact Tom Rizzi.

DOE Designates May
Electrical Safety Month

(Logo) The month of May has been designated by the DOE as Electrical Safety Month. In recognition, SLAC Today, in partnership with the Electrical Safety Committee, will run an electrical Safety Short each day during this month. The purpose of the shorts will be to clarify the electrical safety program at SLAC, promote awareness of electrical hazards and to present many electrical safety tips.

SLAC has two site-wide electrical safety organizations; the Electrical Safety Support Group (ESSG), in CEF, and the Electrical Safety Committee (ESC), a citizen safety committee. The ESSG is managed by the SLAC Electrical Safety Officer (ESO), Perry Anthony. The ESC is made up of a membership that is appointed by the ES&H Coordinating Council (ES&HCC) and has a chairperson, Marjorie Widmeyer.

The ESO is the primary contact for review of new and existing electrical systems. Large system reviews can include participation of the ESC. ESSG manages the Electrical Equipment Inspection Program (EEIP). The EEIP program trains inspectors to review non-listed equipment that is used at SLAC and it maintains an inspection database. ESSG also coordinates electrical safety training as well as Lock Out Tag Out (LOTO) training.

The ESC establishes and maintains electrical safety policy. The policy is recorded in Chapter 8 of the ES&H manual and implemented in Electrical Safety Guides. The ESC participates in large scale electrical safety reviews. Because the ESC is a citizen committee, members of the general SLAC population are encouraged to bring electrical safety issues to the attention of their local ESC member, or directly to the committee. The committee meets every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at 2 p.m. in building 24, room 126.

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