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The Future of Particle Physics: EPP2010 Report, Uncovered
Colloquium - Astrophysical Jets
Building 41 Parking Lot to Close Temporarily
Alpine Gate and Loop Road Closures Extended
EPP2010 Committee Chair to Speak at SLAC

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Friday - April 28, 2006

(Photo - EPP2010 Report Cover)
EPP2010 report cover image: An artist's portrayal of the collision of a proton and an anti-proton.
(Image courtesy of J-H Anderson)

The Future of Particle Physics:
EPP2010 Report, Uncovered

At a time when the Large Hadron Collider is scheduled to start up in 2007 and both the B Factory at SLAC and the Tevatron at Fermilab will shut down by the end of this decade, the particle physics program in the United States is at a crossroads. Should the United States fold its cards and determine that the field of particle physics has lost its steam? Or should the United States step up to the plate and prepare to submit a bid to host the next-generation particle accelerator?

These are the questions that the National Academies' National Research Council charged the Committee on Elementary Particle Physics in the 21st century (EPP2010) to answer, asking the 22-member panel to lay out a 15-year plan.

Yesterday on 26 April in the National Academies' Keck Center in Washington D.C., EPP2010 launched their much-anticipated report, "Revealing the Hidden Nature of Space and Time—Charting the Course for Elementary Particle Physics."  Read more...

News stories about this report: New York Times, Nature, Science, Chicago Tribune,

Colloquium Monday

SLAC Colloquium:
Astrophysical Jets

(Image - Astrophysical Jet)

On Monday, May 1, SLAC's Greg Madejski will present the colloquium "Astrophysical Jets."

In this talk, Madejski will explain what is currently known about astrophysical jets and discuss how the GLAST project will provide us with spectacular data yielding new insights as to their origin and structure.

Many astrophysical sources—especially those powered by release of gravitational energy—are associated with an outflow of material, generally taking place along the axis of symmetry of the system. In the most extreme cases, the outflow is accelerated to relativistic speeds; such a phenomenon is known as an astrophysical jet.

The most spectacular cases of astrophysical jets are those produced by active galactic nuclei, where the measured spectrum—presumably dominated by the radiation from the jet—reaches up to the multi-GeV range.  Knowledge of these jets is limited. Madejski will discuss the limits to our understanding of how these jets formed, collimated, and accelerated, as well as the process of conversion of the bulk energy of the jet into radiation.

The colloquium will take place at 4:15 p.m. on Monday, May 1 in Panofsky Auditorium. All are invited to attend.

Learn more...

EPP2010 Committee Chair to Speak at SLAC

(Photo - Harold Shapiro)EPP2010 committee chair Harold Shapiro comes to SLAC next Friday to present his panel's recommendations. The presentation will occur at 10:30 a.m. in Panofsky Auditorium.

Everyone at SLAC is strongly encouraged to attend, as this report is expected to have a large influence on the way the field of particle physics develops over the next ten years.

"We are delighted to have Dr. Shapiro here at SLAC so soon after the release of EPP2010," said SLUO Chair Abi Soffer. "Not only is his presentation very pertinent, but as we discovered in the webcast announcing the report, he is also quite eloquent and engaging."

Building 41 Parking Lot to Close Temporarily

(Image - SLAC map) (Click on image for larger version)

This Saturday, the parking lot outside Building 41 will be closed to allow maintenance crews to re-paint stripes on the pavement. Please remove all vehicles and electric carts from this lot by the end of the day today.

Alpine Gate and Loop Road Closures Extended

Due to two weeks of rain, the reopening of both Alpine Gate and the Loop Road near the Kavli Building has been delayed.

The Alpine Gate is now expected to re-open on Monday, May 8th. Full access to Loop Road should be restored on Monday, May 15.

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