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BaBar Celebrates 200th Paper
People Today: It's a Labor of Love
Stanford Wellness Fair
Facelift for CEF Website

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Wednesday - April 19, 2006

(Image - BaBar publications)

BaBar Celebrates 200th Paper

Last week, the BaBar collaboration celebrated a major milestone: the submission of its 200th paper.

"This is a remarkable accomplishment for BaBar, whose first paper, a study of time-dependent CP violation, was published barely five years ago," said BaBar Spokesperson David MacFarlane. "Equally impressive is the breadth of physics topics being addressed, with the promise of many more exciting results from new data being rapidly accumulated."

The 200th paper, titled "Measurement of B0−>D(*)0 K(*)0 Branching Fractions," describes a new approach to measuring accurately the angle gamma in the unitarity triangle, one of three angles governing CP violation in B mesons. Although the new approach does not appear to work as well as theorists expected, it illustrates the approach at BaBar of constantly trying to invent new methods.  Read more...

(Weekly Column - Profile)

It's a Labor of Love

Human Resource's Barry Webb has been restoring a 1969 Chevrolet Camaro for the last several years. He has spent countless hours doing the research necessary to ensure authenticity. Part of his challenge has been learning what is true to the era and then locating genuine parts. According to Webb, he "pretty much went back to 1969" and made a hot rod typical of that time.

"It's a labor of love," he says.

It's good therapy, too. Webb advises couples that a balance between time together and time spent pursuing individual interests can contribute to a successful marriage. "The reason I've been married 35 years is because I have a car in the garage," he says.

Webb estimates that he spends about 30 percent of his free time working on his car in the summer months.

He will be through with it when he gets bored. "At that point, I'll sell this one and get another car. I'll get something altogether different," he says. When that time comes, Webb wants to start fresh with a new set of challenges, new research to do, and a new hunt for just the right parts.

"You never get the money back that you've put into it, but it's not about money. It makes me happy."

Stanford Wellness Fair

Spring into wellness at Stanford's WellnessYou Fair on Tuesday, April 25. The fair runs from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. in the Tresidder Union Oak Lounge & Lobby on the Stanford campus and includes health screenings, giveaways, workshops and demonstrations.

Health screenings will be available to determine your risk for potential health problems. You can use the results to take your medical plan's online Health Risk Assessment and earn a $100 reward from Stanford. Screenings include blood pressure, body fat, bone density, strength and flexibility, pulmonary function and cholesterol. Read more...

Facelift for CEF Website

(Image - New CEF Website)

The new CEF website is now available online. It combines the features of the old SEM and EFD websites and adds several new features including a link to the Electrical Safety Support Group (which is part of CEF) and a link to a searchable Crane Database. This last feature will allow SLAC staff to find the status of any crane onsite.  (CEF is still entering information into this database so it is a work in progress.)

Like the SEM website, the new CEF website allows easy submission and tracking of maintenance service requests. Please visit the website and send any comments or questions to the Webmaster (Kisha Guzman) or to John Weisend.

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