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Introducing... Turner Construction and Jacobs Facilities
Safety Today: Wellness at SLAC
Stanford Named Best in Physics by U.S. News
symmetry: Scotland's Nuclear Drive-in

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Tuesday - April 4, 2006

(Photo - Tina Smith and Rick Vincent)
The faces of Turner Construction and Jacobs Facilities: Tina Smith (left), Turner Senior Project Manager, and Rick Vincent (right), Jacobs Design Lead for all mined tunnel work on LCLS project.

Introducing... Turner Construction and Jacobs Facilities

Building the LCLS is a grand endeavor. It will require designers, contractors and several hundred construction workers. SLAC has partnered with two outside companies to build the LCLS: Jacobs Facilities Inc. for the architectural and engineering designs and Turner Construction Company for construction management.

Construction on two smaller projects—the Sector 20 Laser Facility and the Magnetic Measurement Facility in Building 81—is nearing completion, and major construction for the LCLS is gearing up with tunnelers, plumbers, and mechanical and electrical contractors arriving at SLAC in the next few months.   Read more...

(Column - Safety Today)

Wellness at SLAC

(Photo - Kerry Spear teaches Pilates at SLAC) It's easy to forget that a work day should be more than simply doing your job and then going home to do everything else that needs to be done. Taking care of your health and wellness is put in the slot of "when I have time" and "outside work." However, you can do things for yourself right here at SLAC through the ES&H Medical Department's Wellness Program.

The program offers stress counseling, smoking cessation, blood pressure readings, on-site massage, on-site exercise classes, and sports activities (gym, soccer, volleyball and more).

Because exercise and stretching help reduce injuries and back pain, many of the available exercise classes are authorized for Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) funds and therefore free to SLAC employees with supervisor approval.

Classes are just starting for this quarter, so check out the Wellness Classes Calendar on the Medical website and find a class that's right for you.

STAP-funded classes include:
- Back Cross Training: a class that
  emphasizes good aerobic
  posture and exercises for the
- Pilates: a method of conditioning
  and strengthening the body that
  is especially good for helping low
  back pain.
- Walk for Wellness: a quick time
  out from office tensions, walking
  around SLAC. During the walk,
  the class integrates many
  practical strategies for reducing
  back injuries as well as
  managing workday stress. This
  is a newly offered class. Please
  sign up if you are interested so it
  doesn't get canceled!
- Yoga: Yoga promotes strength
  and flexibility, releases stress
  and tension, improves
  circulation, balance,
  concentration and clarity of mind.
  To use STAP funds, you must
  take a 1-hour relaxation class
  along with yoga.

The Wellness Program also offers non-STAP classes, for which students pay the instructors directly (details on the website). These classes include aerobics and cross training.

Be well at SLAC, and enjoy taking care of yourself!

Wellness Medical Contact:
Larisa Petrison

Stanford Named Best in Physics by U.S. News

With a perfect 5.0 rating, Stanford University has been named America's Best Graduate School in physics by U.S. News and World Reports.  Stanford tied with MIT for this honor.
View the rankings...

symmetry: Scotland's Nuclear Drive-in

(Photo - ) Lumin de Lumine was first projected onto the Torness nuclear power station in February.  (Click on image for larger version.)

Standing outside in the dark and the cold on the east coast of Scotland, 500 people let out a communal gasp as a huge screen was illuminated on the side of the Torness nuclear power station. A six-minute video loop, Lumin de Lumine, transmitted by some of the most powerful projectors in the world, instantly changed the north wall of the building into the largest ever public-art installation in Europe. The project is visible from the main road and rail links between Edinburgh and London, and approximately 16 million travelers will pass by the "Nuclear Drive-in" each year.

Lumin de Lumine was filmed by Ken McMullen in the abandoned ISR tunnel at CERN as part of the Signatures of the Invisible art exhibition, which consisted of artworks produced in a collaboration between CERN scientists and leading European contemporary artists. The film shows a young woman in a red dress swirling an electric light bulb around her head, thus creating a constantly changing image of intensity, darkness, and light. "The film means many things," says McMullen. "I first wanted to illustrate the uncertainty of the quantum world, where the precise position of subatomic particles could never be known. But now, I find it a telling metaphor for the dark universe. There is very little light and we are constantly surrounded by darkness, be it dark matter or dark energy."

The project, promoted by Scottish arts impresario Richard DeMarco, will continue for a year-long run if sufficient funding can be found.
Read more in symmetry...

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