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Fred Kavli Building Dedicated at SLAC
Dorfan Today: The ILC—The Pace is Heating Up
Globies: Have You Nominated That Special Person Yet?

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Monday - March 20, 2006

(Photo - Kavli Building auditorium)
About 150 people attended the dedication ceremony in the Kavli Building's auditorium.
See more photos of the dedication ceremony, courtesy of Diana Rogers

Kavli Building Dedicated at SLAC

The clouds parted last Friday just in time for the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center and Stanford University to dedicate the Fred Kavli Building. Made possible through contributions from Physicist Fred Kavli and the Kavli Foundation, this state-of-the-art building is the centerpiece of the Kavli Institute for Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology (KIPAC).

"The discoveries made by astrophysicists over the past 40 years have transformed our knowledge of the universe," said KIPAC director Roger Blandford. "All of this was immensely clear to Fred Kavli and others when they created KIPAC three years ago. The Fred Kavli Building and the research that goes on inside is a result of their foresight and initiative."

The 25,000 square foot building includes a high-tech auditorium, conference rooms, workspace for 90 people, and stunning views of Stanford University and the bay. It will soon also house a visualization lab offering the ability to display three-dimensional cosmological simulations on a wall-sized screen. Continued...  

Read more in the San Francisco Chronicle...

(Director's Column - Dorfan Today)

Realizing the International Linear Collider (ILC) involves a grand and novel vision—designing one of the most complex and challenging scientific installations ever conceived by splitting up responsibilities amongst groups scattered all over the world, each relying on their own funding agencies and using different costing and engineering procedures. We have done this very successfully with major, $150M-scale, particle detectors—Babar and GLAST being two of many examples. But never before have we designed a “global” accelerator facility, let alone a multi-billion-dollar-class facility. Well this is what we are doing and to everyone’s satisfaction it is working!

Substantial and rapid technical progress is being made, coordinated through the internationally-federated Global Design Effort (GDE, for the accelerator) and Worldwide Study (WWS, for the detectors). This growth is being fueled by increased financial support for the R&D supplied by governments around the globe. Nowhere is the increased activity more apparent than in the U.S., where the major HEP laboratory and university researchers are central to both the accelerator and detector efforts. President Bush’s FY2007 budget proposal could not carry a more positive and encouraging message—the FY2007 budget doubles the linear collider funding from the FY2006 mark of $30M to $60M. This increase is part of the 14% increase in the Office of Science’s FY2007 budget proposal, which marks the beginning of Administration’s proposed doubling of the Office of Science budget over the next ten years. The proposed doubling would create the growth needed in the DOE’s budget to underwrite a U.S. bid to host the ILC. Read more...

Have You Nominated That Special Person Yet?

(Image - Globie)

2006 Employee Recognition Awards ("globies") are still open for nominations!

For one more week (until March 27), you can recommend people as candidates for this special award. Globies are about people promoting a positive, respectful, and harmonious work environment. They're about good citizenship and making us enjoy being here at SLAC.

The online form lists several different examples of how people make our lives better at SLAC. They include working cooperatively, volunteering, and pitching in to help. When nominating somebody, please keep in mind that it's not about how well a person does their job—it's what they do beyond their job that makes them special.

You're the only one who knows the little things these people do that help make your day brighter and easier.  Your nomination that will let everybody else know it too. Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the form, and provide lots of examples. Help the people who help you by nominating them for a Globie Award.

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